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Quick Update—Brain Surgery in Bulgaria!

So, in case you couldn’t tell from my pictures, I’ve been in Bulgaria the past two weeks.  What the pictures don’t show is that I came over with my grandfather.  We were supposed to fly home to Texas tomorrow (Monday) but today we wound up in the hospital.  The doctors say he has a subdural hematoma.  He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning at 8am (midnight central time USA).  The doctors are very optimistic and say we should be able to leave the hospital by Wednesday and fly home over the weekend.  As far as brain problems go, this is as good as it gets apparently.  Still, it is emotionally draining.  Would appreciate if y’all would keep him in your thoughts and prayers this week.

I know I don’t say too much on here, I’m mostly a reblogger.  My original content is sporadic, and only via instagram, haha.  But this felt right to put on here.  I hope all of y’all are well.  I’ve never really said this, but my ask is always open for anything.